Learning the most important and commonly used SQL statements

Why learn SQL?

As data scientists, we utilize data to provide insights and recommendations to inform product strategy, growth and marketing, operations, and many other areas of the business. In many cases, data is stored in a relational database format, uses a structure that allows access to data points that are related to one another (source: AWS). SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used to access relational databases. As data scientists, we use SQL to execute queries against a database to retrieve data, insert, update, and delete records from the database, and create new databases and tables. The syntax may differ…

A note from a data science hiring manager.

Data scientist has become one of the highest demanded job. As many are seeking to become a data scientist, today, I have put together a short summary of being a data scientist.

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What does a data scientist do as written in job descriptions?

  • Work with large, complex data sets doing data gathering, processing and analyzing.
  • Inform and influence key product and business decisions by developing data product and/or running strategic analysis and applying advanced analytical methods (experiments, statistical or machine learning models) as needed.
  • Design core metrics to serve as north-stars for team efforts
  • Work cross-functionally with effective communication and…

Stephanie A.

Data scientist | Manager

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